"Hmm...Helloo*blushes*...hmm my...my name is( )...And I'm quite weird"-That would been my older description,before I realized that we are all weird in something and we should be happy not ashamed ,we should embrace every single unique part of ourselves.
I will describe myself with one quote,of course it won't tell you much about me,because I'm way more than a simple quote.I'm unique in my own way,a genius in something that I have to find,but my main defect and quality is that I am a dreamer...I dream too much...I see the impossible and want to make it possible,but wanting is not enough,I dream about changing the world-witch is a noble wish,but it means nothing if I don't do anything.What we do defines who we are,not what we think...now getting back to the quote here it is:“Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.”
I wrote sooo much I wonder who will read it all...BTW:I love video games, anime (favorite:Code Geass and Death Note) I love TV series like:Sherlock,Breaking Bad,House MD,Game of Thrones,How I Met Your Mother. And I live The Lord Of The Rings, Avengers,Harry Potter,Pirates Of The Caribbean.....I'm quite a nerd lol.
And I always follow back.
Message me If you want to talk ^_^
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Dreams...dreams...fucking dreams...BOOM REALITY!



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I just wanted to let anyone who is reading this know that if you’re feeling lonely, suicidal, want to cut, feel fat, feel worthless or anything that I’m here, and I care. So if you need someone to talk to, I’m happy to be that someone. And you don’t even have to follow me, that’s not what this is about


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